Friday, March 1, 2013

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - up for sale!

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (thank you Morrissey, luckily title theft is totally legal under copyright law) is up for sale on (the independent author's best ebook website. Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Kaelyn has always had a complex about her small breasts even though her boyfriend—whom she met because she had a small rack—dismissed her concern as unimportant. Since she won’t have surgery and can’t get better genetics Kae tries to induce lactation, hoping her milk will enhance her bust line. What is most certainly does is enhance her sex life.

This is a 9,000 word novelette intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: This story features graphic sex, erotic lactation, lesbian sex, group sex, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.

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