Saturday, March 2, 2013

Everything is FREE at

I published my first ebook exactly a year ago (The Collegiate Milkmaid) on Amazon's Kindle store. I was surprised by the (relative) success and kept at it. A year later and though I haven't been able to quit my day job, I've made myself a bit happier. Help Green Bush Publishing celebrate a year of success by downloading everything I've written in the past year...for free.

This is at Smashwords only, unfortunately. Amazon and Barnes&Noble make it incredibly complex to make things free or discounted. Just go to and use any or all of the coupon codes below to get as many free ebooks as you want. Enjoy!

Forgot to announce the promtion was only good for a week. Currently the only active coupon is for Luke's Milkmaids: GR92R.

Title                             Coupon Code
A Virgin Sacrifice         MQ35N

And Giselle’s Mother   CU65T

Astrophil & Stella        TF86U

Bringing in Casey’s Cream TL25Y

Cul-De-Sac: A Suburban Erotica In Around    AB79A

Gretchen’s Twins        AM67G

His and Hers Affairs    QG74T

In The Harem      WT92Z

Jillian’s Contract         AV94M

Lessons with Mrs. Tavorski          WK43F

Luke’s Milkmaids         BQ22G

Margeaux Know As     XE87N

Milk Addict          PP97Q

Milk of Dawn – The Elf Milk Collection Volumes 1-3         AB27S

Milke & Cookie   SM44Q

Milking the O’Malleys  MP56D

Misanthrope: First Summer TL95S

My Submissive Pair     DK26Z

Ménage á Milk    PH54T

Never Too Many Pregos       GA28E

Pain Makes You Beautiful    XK54Y

Penny’s Secret Life     SU96E

Roman Charity: Four Tales of Erotic Lactation        UV42V

Rosemilk Complete     ZW33W

Rosemilk Part One      RW22K

Rosemilk Part Three   VS85H

Rosemilk Part Two      LK34J

Selling Myself     ML47A

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others      QR68T

Taking Gwendolyn      PT32B

The Breast of Dawn: Elf Milk Part One   ZY66G

The Breast of Day: Elf Milk Part Two     TC32Y

The Breast of Night: Elf Milk Part Three          AA65P

The Collegiate Milkmaid       FY93S

The Elliot Silvestri Erotic Reader XA45L

The Green Bush Publishing Collection Volume 1    DT46K

The Green Bush Publishing Collection Volume 2    HV66K

The Green Bush Publishing Collection Volume 3    UP78F

The Milk Thief    YW32G

The Prince’s Whores   UG83B

The Red Collar   QF55B

The Troll’s Trollop      KA68F

True Cow Girl     ZW32J

Twins at Once    MF53R

Victor’s Chastity          PF69L


  1. Tried using codes for Victor's Chastity and The Red Collar, but neither worked,

    Sorry, that code is either invalid or expired.

  2. Oops. This was supposed to be announced as a one week promotion. Currently the only coupon I'm promoting is for Luke's Milkmaids: GR92R. Good until April 15th (Tax Day!).