Friday, March 22, 2013

Off Topic - Company Stock

I worked for a company about ten years ago that gave us bonuses in the way of stock options. Most employees in my department would immediately sell their stock options the moment they matured. I held onto mine and when I quit that job, I exercised my options and wound up with a small amount of company stock.

For these past ten years I've been getting a check in December for roughly $20, my annual stock dividend. It always made me giggle because the amount was so small I couldn't do anything special with it. Still, twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

This past week I received a check for just under five dollars because the company has decided to go to a quarterly stock dividend payment system. So instead of one check totaling $20 for the year, I'll get four checks for $5. I'm pretty sure they're losing money on me because of all the mailing and processing costs. About every four months I get an offer from them to sell my stock with no fees and I always decline (toss it in the trash) because I can. I figure, as probably the person who has the least amount of stock in this company that shall remain nameless, I'm costing them money just by holding onto a few shares, so they need to pay me to sell the stock for what I'll call my acceptance fee.

I did accept their offer of direct deposit for my payments because it's too much of a pain in the ass to go to the bank to deposit a $5 check. Welcome to the 20th Century, assholes.

The upshot of this? Don't give disgruntled former employees stock options and then expect not to have to deal with a person who keeps petty vendettas against faceless corporations.

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