Friday, April 11, 2014

Part Two of Gracie's first novel - His Acquiesence

Up for sale on Smashwords, Amazon, and His Acquiescence (Part Two). Sexy, sexy male chastity and femdom...if you go for that sort of thing, and Gracie certainly does.

As Alan settles into his new life in chastity, with his girlfriend Ilona as his keyholder, he realizes he is happy with the new restrictions on his sex life. What he isn’t happy with is how he is held in chastity. Ilona puts forth a bold proposal on how to make Alan more comfortable, but it will involve some sacrifice on his part.

This is a 10,000 word novella intended for adult audiences. Part two of four.

Content warning: features enforced male chastity, femdom, female domination, slavery, some BDSM themes, group sex, cheating spouses, body piercing play, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.


I stood halfway between the bed and the chairs. I wasn’t exactly sure why Linda had brought me to her bedroom to have a private conversation, but I was pretty sure what she had in mind.

The first thing she said was, “Just so you know, Ilona has told me everything about your life together. She and I don’t have many secrets.”

“Oh,” was all I managed to say.

“For instance I know she’s got you locked up in a chastity cage right now.”


Linda smiled and shook her head. “I don’t think you really do, but that’s okay. You’ll understand more of the lifestyle as you live in it. So…you want to marry my daughter.”


“Are you here to ask my approval?” She waited expectantly for an answer.

I paused considering my options. “I suppose in a traditional matriarchal family, I should ask for your permission. But we live in the Twenty-first century so, legally and morally, I don’t have to do that.”

“True,” she agreed as she walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. I remained in the middle of the room. I wished she had walked to one of the chairs in the attached office. It would have been much more comfortable to converse there.

“But, that being said, I would like to know if you object to me marrying Ilona.”

She smiled. Apparently I had found the right path. “I don’t object. I have told her that she needs to keep you in chastity, however.”

“That’s not a problem,” I quickly agreed.

Friday, April 4, 2014

How to tell if you’re writing terrible erotica

Erotica has more clichés than any other form of writing. Be sure to avoid all of these. A competent writer can probably get away with using one, maybe two, of these in a story, but any more and you’re sure to be writing shit no one should have to read.

Caveat! I’m sure I’m guilty of at least one or two of these, hopefully never more than one in a single story.

  1. Don’t write in first person perspective. It makes the story sound like a Letter to Penthouse Magazine. From the 1980s.
  2. Don’t make all of the characters incredibly beautiful and/or handsome. Mix it up a little. Give them interesting faces and bodies. Even cheapo porn flicks explore body types.
  3. Don’t have every male character sport huge cocks. Don’t have every female character display gigantic tits. It’s boring.
  4. Avoid precise measurements cocks. Again, it’ll make the story sound like a Letter to Penthouse Magazine. Same goes for bra sizes. Instead use: huge, bulging, large, impressive, ample, or any other synonym from a thesaurus.
  5. Don’t make the main character a complete ingénue who is caught up in circumstances but does along too willingly with sexual hijinks. It’s been done too many times. Have a character who actually likes and pursues kinky sex.
  6. Do not use the word “hot” as an adjective for sexual desirability.
  7. Don’t have characters visit a strip club to find an anonymous and willing sex partner. Strippers are rarely prostitutes and it rings of a desperate plot device.
  8. No yowling. No one screams, “AAARrrrrgggghhhh!” during sex and it looks stupid on the page.
  9. Avoid too many references to drugs and alcohol. They are too easy to use as a crutch to explain away a characters sudden deviant sexual practices.
  10. Avoid using too many cute euphemisms for sex and sexual organs. Good: cock, pussy, dick, cunt. Bad: his tower of strength, his rod, his gun, her honey-hole, her fuck-hole.
  11. Don’t write a story as an attempt to re-write or correct your sexual history. Or to make up for your sexual failures. Your life isn’t that interesting. Probably.
  12. Avoid making references to pornographic movie actors. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a pornographic movie actor, but written erotica (which is fantasy) intersecting filmed pornography (also fantasy) don’t mix well. It’s fantasy squared and that’s just awful.
  13. Avoid bad grammar, avoid misspelling, and watch out for commonly confused words (especially waist and waste). You should probably graduate from high school before attempting to publish your little bits of erotica. Even better, you might want to take a creative writing class at the local community college first.
  14. Follow standard written English. You aren’t a literary giant. James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and William Faulkner were literary giants but it took them time to get there and they were writing about the heaviness of the human condition. You’re writing stories to get people off. Don’t make reading a simple bit of erotica a burden on the writer.

New book from Grace Vilmont - His Acquiescence

Gracie is back and this time she's promising me a novel-length story that delves into a first-person account of a submissive man who finds enforced male chastity isn't all it was supposed to be--at least in his eyes.

Part one of His Acquiescence is already up for sale on and you'll be able to get it shortly from and

The rest of the novel will be published over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to great things from Grace.

Here's the cover and the description:
Alan has always known he was a submissive. Finding Ilona was both a stroke of luck and his dream come true. Her putting him into a chastity cage was no big deal. That was easy. It was when she started introducing Alan to other aspects of what she expected from her chaste partner that he started to have second thoughts.

This is a 10,000 word novella intended for adult audiences. Part one of four.

Content warning: This story features graphic sex, enforced male chastity, group sex, some BDSM themes, female dominance, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

“Good. I have something to tell you. I’m only telling you because I respect you and you deserve to know. It won’t change our relationship unless you let it.”
I was worried but I tried not to let it show. “What?” My voice didn’t quaver when I asked it. That made me relieved.
“I have a date tonight. It’s a guy I’ve been talking to online. He’s not a sub. He’s just a guy I want to sleep with. I need to do this.”
“What?” My brain wasn’t registering what she was saying. Ilona just continued. She knew exactly what she was doing.
“I want you to stay here in bed waiting for me. When we’re done, I’ll come home to you. I’m not going to have a relationship with him. It’s just sex. I need sex from more than one man. Do you understand that?”
“Yes,” I replied numbly. I didn’t, but I said I did.
“If you are good, if you stay here in the bedroom chained up like a good boy, I’ll reward you when I get home, okay?”
“Why?” I asked. I wasn’t crying. At least I was pretty sure I wasn’t crying.
“Because I need to do this. My body, my psyche, craves more than just one man. Because you are my sub and I am your domme and you need to do what I tell you.” She gently pushed me down to a sitting position on the bed and kissed me on the forehead. “You can do this, I know you can.”
“I can do this,” I parroted back to her.
“If this works out well, maybe I’ll let you watch next time.”


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Milk for the Prince (Part One) - more lactating action for the discerning lactophile

The latest is up for sale on Smashwords, Amazon, and Milk for the Prince (Part One). Part two will be available in a week. It's set in one of those hazy late Renaissance-early Romantic eras with nobility and whores with hearts of gold. Plus also: big lactating tits.

Prince Wallace has been paralyzed by some poison and the only thing that can save his life is the nourishing milk from a woman’s breast. The only milk available in the kingdom is from a prostitute selling her wares in the city’s red light district. What problems could possibly ensue?

This is a 10,000 word novella intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: features erotic lactation, graphic sex, consensual prostitution, strong language, adult nursing relationships, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.


“Why would you say that?” Lady Benowith’s eyes narrowed on the young woman. “Speak freely. I want to know what you think.”

While the prostitute doubted that, she spoke as honestly as she dared. “I’ve done this sort of thing a few times before. What working girl hasn’t? But it’s always the young man’s father who does the hiring. And he’s always as discrete as possible. And it’s never with a man who is obviously about to meet his maker.”

“My son is not dying!” Lady Benowith thundered. Even the guards winced at her tone.

The prostitute said nothing.

“Have you heard that Prince Wallace suffered a fall while horseback riding?”
“Yes, yes I have, my lady.”

The mother breathed a sigh of relief. “Good. Then the story is spreading. The story we want the city to know. You can see with your own eyes that he is uninjured, but he is ill.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“An unending parade of doctors, most of them charlatans, have been in to treat him. Most did nothing. Those that tried to help accomplished nothing. In short, we’ve tried everything suggested with no good results. You, my dear child, are the latest attempt at saving my son’s life.”

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Free ebook: The Collegiate Milkmaid

Use coupon code FY93S to get a free copy of The Collegiate Milkmaid on

This is a nice little story of how a girl in college can go wrong. I originally published it a year ago, so I decided to bring it back for free for those who missed it the first time around.

Kelly has a problem. Her boyfriend Simon loves her boobs to the point that he has started her milk flowing years before she ever thought that would be a concern for her. She quickly has to figure out how to cope with her breasts becoming a primary focus of her and Simon’s love life—and a life sustaining interest for Simons as well. Matters quickly become more complicated by Kelly’s new roommate who is fascinating, pretty, and a little bit too curious for her own good.
Kelly quickly finds herself in a position no college student should ever have to contemplate—and discovers she loves every minute of the attention heaped upon her.
This is a 13,000 word novelette for adult audiences.
Content warning: features oral sex, masturbation, straight sex, lesbian sex, and erotic lactation. Strong language and adult only content.