Friday, February 22, 2013

Weird Sex by Grace Vilmont

For some reason Grace Vilmont's novelettes do incredibly well on Barnes & Noble as opposed to Smashwords and Amazon. I don't know why that's important, but I thought I'd mention it.

Green Bush Publishing is offering new for sale this week a collection, Grace Vilmont's Weird Sex. If you like your kinky erotica extra-weird, Ms. Vilmont's works are for you.

As always we prefer you to buy at where the author gets a bigger slice of the pied. It's also available at and Barnes & Noble.

This is a compilation of four of Grace Vilmont’s previously published novelettes: Alien Eggs, Demonbred, Laying with the Sea God, and Taken by the Dragon.


Total length is 33,000 words. These works are intended for adult audiences.


Content warning: these stores feature humans having sex with nonhumans including aliens, demons, dragons and sea monsters; human sex with tentacles, forced impregnation, graphic sex, sex of dubious consent, group sex, and other extreme examples of human sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.


Alien Eggs:

Cybelle is a spy who has fallen for the alien enemy. She takes her unusual sex life in stride; after all bedding an alien is not that different from bedding a clumsy and terrible human lover. It’s only when her body and her lover betray her does she start to question her choices—and her fate.


This is a 3,500 word short story intended for adult audiences.




Erika is a young lesbian looking for a bit of adventure. She finds it with Althea, an older woman with a mysterious smile and a secret. Erika is more than willing to go along with her new lover on sexual adventures that are new to her, but when events take a strange turn and Althea reveals she has plans for Erika’s body the young girl starts to doubt her decisions. She never intended to be the sexual plaything for a coterie of lesbians with clandestine plans for their newest acquisition. Carrying the spawn of a demon in her belly was not Erika’s life plan.


This is a 12,000 word novelette intended for adult audiences.


Laying with the Sea God:

Professor Julie Marche has an interest in ancient cultures that are all but lost. When she takes a working research vacation with her best friend and fellow academic the last thing the two women expected to find was a tentacled ancient god from the deep who was intent on copulating with them for his own nefarious purposes.


This is a 7,000 word novelette intended for adult audiences.


Taken by the Dragon:

Tina Tiwisoges is a grad student kidnapped by a man obsessed with her. Except David isn’t a man—he’s a dragon. And Tina just doesn’t fall victim to Stockholm Syndrome—she begins to lust after the dragon simply because the monster wants to impregnate her. Can Tina fight off this strange foe? Can she withstand her own strange urges long enough to be rescued? Does she even want to be rescued?


This is a 10,000 word novelette intended for adult audiences.


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