Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dirty, naughty, nasty covers

For some reason Smashwords is really strict about cover images...mostly because of other e-tailers they sell through. Still, I'll let you decide. Recently I had to change the cover to Bringing in Casey's Cream and The Cheating Secret. The weird thing about Casey's Cream is that it was up for sale on Smashwords for nearly two months before it got yanked.


 This is the original image.

This is the replacement.



Obviously the second version of The Cheating Secret is a lot tamer in the way of nudity, but I wonder if the second version of Casey's Cream will slip by the Smashwords censors. A casual glance reveals just a hand with a drop of water or milk. Closer inspection shows a hand gripping a breast and milk running down the fingers. Dirtier?

I've seen more explict images on fantasy novels (Gor for example, or anything that Frank Frazetta ever painted) but this is erotica and that's part of the sex industry so we have to be extra careful not to corrup the morals of 'Murica.

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