Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Reruns with Breeding on the Farm

More if you missed it the last time you can buy it now.
Actually last week I put out another collection (Green Bush Publishing Collection Vol. 4 - still on sale!) at the bargain price of $2.99 for four stories. That's like buying three and getting one for free!

This week is the full volume of Breeding on the Farm for the bargain price of $1.75. Yeah, I released parts one and two separately about a month what? Now you can get it will a variant cover (comic book geek ref) and the whole story in one volume AND save yourself a whole quarter (okay twenty three cents, but close enough).

Green Bush Publishing, that's quality erotica. Fresh from the farm to your hands.
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Kim isn’t terribly concerned when she falls in lust with a new servant on the Farm. But when she allows the lust to run its course and discovers she’s pregnant and isn’t sure if the father is the youthful Dylan or her longtime companion Mark difficulties ensue. Not the least of which are her steadily growing belly, her tender, milk-laden breasts, and a group determined to wrest control of the Farm away from her.
This is a 23,000 word novella intended for adult audiences.
Content warning: This story features graphic sex, erotic lactation, pregnant sex, lesbian sex, adult nursing relationships, BDSM, and other explicit depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.
The questions were rhetorical but Dylan answered anyway. “Six. Six women. No, wait… after tonight eight.”
“So you’re well on your way to being a slut too,” she told him. “Have you enjoyed it? Get used to it.”
Before Dylan could say anything else the door to the bedroom answered. He half pulled up the sheet on the bed to cover his crotch but Kim didn’t move at all. She was accustomed to being naked around people. She was accustomed to people watching while she had sex and while they had sex near and around her. At first Dylan thought it was Analise coming in to report to Kim. It wasn’t. It was Mark.
 For a moment Dylan was tempted to cower but Kim simply relaxed and took in the sight of her boyfriend. “Problem in the house?” she asked casually as if she were checking on the cooking temperature of a pork roast.
“No. Most of the guests have gone home for the night,” he said. His voice was even; he didn’t seem the least bit upset to see his girlfriend in bed with another man. Dylan realized this probably had happened before.
“Mark, you remember Dylan, right? He’s one of the new hires. Dylan, this is Mark, my business partner and boyfriend.”
“Hello,” Mark said. For a moment Dylan thought the other man was going to step forward and offer his hand in friendship. He didn’t.
“How’s it going?” Dylan replied.
“Want to join us?” Kim asked. “I could go for a little more action tonight.”

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