Monday, August 5, 2013

Free eBook!

I let things slip because of Smashwords' Summer Sale where I had maybe half my books offered for free...and today I noticed I didn't have any active coupon codes for any of my books.

For the next month you can get The Troll's Trollop for free on Smashwords with coupon code PV59H. Enjoy!

Princess Romina has had a difficult life in the sheltered land of Pridania. She hasn’t found a man to satisfy her and the one worthy suitor isn’t satisfying in the bedroom. Her life is turned upside down—for the better—when her maidenhood is abruptly wrested from her by a marauding troll. This sends her down a path of adventure and debauchery unlike any she could possibly imagined in her royal life. Eventually she will be forced to make a choice: staying with her life in the palace, or abandoning everything she knows for the debauchery of the non-human world.

This is a 27,000 word novella intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: features graphic sex between humans and non-humans. Strong language and adult only content.

The troll then ripped the oak door off the hinges and entered the tower. Like most trolls he was incredibly tall and broad, this monster stood nearly eight feet tall and weighed just over a half ton, in a fight he was more than a match for any normal human. The tower had been built to defend the frontier and as such the hallways and stairs were extra wide. The troll still had difficulty working his way up the spiral staircase, his wide shoulders, heavy armor and long spear gave him little room to maneuver. The long stairway ended at the tower top room were a woman was casually lounging on the large bed covered with rich silk coverings.

“You’re early,” she called out to him. Her eyes were half-closed and the cloying smell of stimweed smoke was heavy in the air. The woman, the princess, the troll told himself, was chained to the heavy wrought iron bed. The silver chain looped around her left ankle, the length of the restraint ran around the bed, and was securely locked to a heavy black ring at the foot of the bed. In other circumstances the ritual presentation would have been erotic, but the unexpected presence of the troll instead made it terrifying.

“I did not know I was expected,” the troll growled.

“This will hurt,” the troll informed her. Romina had no doubt of that and so she resumed her struggles again, but between the troll’s hand and the chain, there was little she could do to improve her situation. He wrenched her legs open as wide as possible to accommodate his substantial girth. Unready for coitus, her sex was closed and dry, that didn’t matter to Gork, but he knew it would be impossible for him to enjoy the act if he weren’t able to correctly penetrate her. The problem was solved by a simple dose of troll instinct.

Romina felt her nether regions suddenly soaked in a warm liquid. She looked down at herself, panicked that perhaps the monster had cut her open and her blood was flowing out. But that was far from the situation. A stream of a white-yellow viscous liquid was issuing forth from the monster’s penis; at first she thought he was pissing on her but realized that was wrong. Gork’s dark red eyes had half rolled up into his skull and for the briefest of moments she thought maybe he had over-excited himself and finished the job before he had started.

“Urgh,” he grunted as his eyes refocused. “Now you’ll be able to take me.” He wiped his cock around in the sticky-slick liquid that pooled on her belly, then presented the head to her opening. “This is going to hurt you,” he told her with a leering grin, then shoved his cock forward and into her body.

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