Friday, August 30, 2013

Alien Breeder Girl

Grace Vilmont likes to have sex with aliens, or so she tells me. Anyway, she's written another of her weird sex stories and here it is: Alien Breeder Girl.

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Ilona is a shy, quiet woman living a simple life in the big city. She doesn’t think anything of taking home the nice young man she met at the library for some illicit sex. What she doesn’t expect is to get pregnant from her first time with her new lover. What’s worse is it quickly becomes apparent he’s not human and what he’s done to her body is too terrible to contemplate. But, strangely, she finds she can’t resist his alien charms. 
This is a 10,000 word novella intended for adult audiences.
Content warning: features human sex with aliens, forced impregnation, graphic sex, sex of dubious consent, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

She cried out.
“Are you in pain?” Enzor asked. His tone was that of concern but also seemed a bit…off.
“No. I had an orgasm. Just a little one, but it was unexpected.”
“Can I finish inside you?” he asked.
“So polite,” she joked. “And so quick. Are you already done?”
“Of course not.” Now he was offended. “I’m nowhere near done. You’ll see.”
Ilona was thrilled when his orgasm caused her to climax again; it was still a small orgasm, but it was exactly what she needed at the moment.
“How was that?” he asked her.
“Very good,” she laughed at him. “Is it going to happen again?”
“Yes, certainly.” He took on a stiff formality at the question.
“Would you mind turning over?”
“Umm, maybe I should clean up a bit,” she said. “Give you a minute or two to recover?”
Enzor shook his head. “I don’t need that.”

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