Saturday, August 10, 2013

Complete list of Green Bush Publishing's ebooks

A complete list of everything Green Bush Publishing has available on ebook. For those of you who are obsessive about this sort of thing.

By Elliot Silvestri
And Giselle’s Mother
Astrophil & Stella
The Breast of Dawn
The Breast of Day
The Breast of Night
Breeding on the Farm
Bringing in Casey’s Cream
The Cheating Secret
The Collegiate Milkmaid
Costume Drama #1 – Kinky Nerds
Costume Drama #2 – Kinky Nerds
Cul-De-Sac: A Suburban Erotica in Around
Dollar Milk Maid

Emergent Milk
Gretchen’s Twins
Good Boy Sub
His and Hers Affairs
Jillian’s Contract
Kassie’s Service
Lessons with Mrs. Tavorski
The Let Down Reflex
Luke’s Milkmaids
Margeaux Known As
Ménage á Milk
Milk Addict
The Milk Thief
Milke & Cookie
Milking the O’Malleys
Misanthrope – First Summer
My Submissive Pair
Never Too Many Pregos
Pain Makes You Beautiful

Penny’s Secret Life
The Prince’s Whores
The Red Collar
Selling Myself
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Sweet Susan
Swinging Ring
Taking Gwendolyn
Too Intimate Sibs
The Troll’s Trollop
True Cow Girl
Victor’s Chastity
A Virgin Sacrifice
Without Your Wife

By Grace Vilmont
Alien Eggs
Felicia on Film
In The Harem
Laying with the Sea God
Mother’s Milk
Taken by the Dragon
Uhluhtc’s Sacrifice
The Unicorn Curse
Veroneeka’s Time
Wolf’s Garter
The Breast of Dawn: The Elf Milk Collection
The Elliot Silvestri Erotic Reader
The Green Bush Publishing Collection Volume 1
The Green Bush Publishing Collection Volume 2
The Green Bush Publishing Collection Volume 3
Roman Charity: Four Tales of Erotic Lactation
Roman Charity 2: Four More Tales of Erotic Lactation

Adventures on the Farm series
Breeding on the Farm
The Red Collar
Victor’s Chastity

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