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50% off The Elliot Silvestri Reader

The Elliot Silvestri Erotic Reader is now on sale!

I announced this compilation a few days ago, it's ready for sale now on why not get it for half price? A mere $4.00 instead of $7.99, but only at Smashwords.

Use coupon code CY67D now through December 31, 2012.


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Here's the full description of all of the contents of the collection (sadly shortened by the limitation of the retailers' websites):

This is a collection of Elliot Silvestri’s currently published works from 2012. Green Bush Publishing is proud to offer this collection twenty four stories, novellas, and novels for the discerning reader of contemporary erotica.

 Total length is 412,000 words. These works are intended for adult audiences.
Content warning: These stories feature a wide variety of human sexuality including graphic sex, oral sex, anal sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, sex of dubious consent, bondage and discipline, erotic lactation, sex with non-human sentients, and non-consensual voyeurism. Strong language and adult only content.

Astrophil & Stella
Stella is a shy but sexually adventurous scientist working at a research university when her world is literally expanded by the visiting professor who is enamored of her and wants her in a way no other man ever has. But can she give up her previously normal life–including the occasional dalliance with her bisexual roommate–for one that might mean being used as the object of desire from an otherworldly creature.

The Breast of Dawn
Dawn is an elf with a problem. Not only is she a virgin, but she has been forced into a life of slavery and forced lactation for the pleasure of her owners. There is little she can do about her miserable existence until she is abruptly stolen from her current owner—a kind but ugly troll—and taken on an adventure toward freedom she doesn’t know if she wants. Worse, her liberators see her milk as the route to their fortune.

The Breast of Day
In these sequel to "The Breast of Dawn," after surviving her harrowing slavery with humans who desired nothing more than to keep her a virgin and a source of rich, magical elf milk, Dawn has happily settled into a life in Elfhaven with her lover Zarya, a spy and assassin for the new elf settlement. It’s her duty to heal the sick and wounded in Elfhaven, but that is not enough for Dawn and she chafes under the hard rule of the settlement and sneaks off with Zarya to the war with the humans and kobolds. But of what use can her tits and milk be in a war?

The Breast of Night
Former slave Dawn has set up the New Realm for elves dissatisfied with the Old Realm—and for those eager to worship at the fountain of milk that flows from her breasts. Although she is now queen of her own country Dawn is not contented and sets into motion a plan that will make sure the New Realm will exist forever even if that means great risk to herself, the realm’s supply of magical milk, and the life of her lover Zarya.

The Collegiate Milkmaid
Kelly has a problem. Her boyfriend Simon loves her boobs to the point that he has started her milk flowing years before she ever thought that would be a concern for her. She quickly has to figure out how to cope with her breasts becoming a primary focus of her and Simon’s love life—and a life sustaining interest for Simons as well. Matters quickly become more complicated by Kelly’s new roommate who is fascinating, pretty, and a little bit too curious for her own good.

Kelly quickly finds herself in a position no college student should ever have to contemplate—and discovers she loves every minute of the attention heaped upon her.
Cul-De-Sac: A Suburban Erotica in Around
The banality of the suburbs hides the secret and kinky sex lives of the most common American residents. In Cul-De-Sac the lives of often anonymous neighbors become intertwined in ways they could not possibly have imagined. A new couple explores a master-and-slave relationship with another woman. An old married couple deals with his hobby of voyeurism and her love of pegging. A married woman gets mixed up with a gay couple. The possibilities of torrid affairs on every suburban street are nearly inexhaustible.

No limits of human sexuality apply to anyone in Cul-De-Sac.
Gretchen’s Twins
Charlie loves the fact his wife’s tits ballooned up two sizes when she got pregnant and gave birth to twins. He loves the fact he can continue to keep her tits big as long as he continues to nurse from them when their offspring finally give up on breast milk. But life for the couple quickly becomes strange and confusing when they bring in others to enjoy Gretchen’s wonderful twins.

His and Hers Affairs
Jessie is in love with her husband Mike. They have a wonderful open marriage. Then Mike’s girlfriend unceremoniously dumps him and it’s up to Jessie to fix this little problem. She knows only one way of seducing her husband’s girlfriend back into his bed.

Jillian’s Contract
Fifteen years ago Jillian had a discrete job. It combined her love of spanking and her love of making money. Now she had a straight job but a hanging obligation of an incomplete contract with an old client. Will she be able to complete her commitment and not lose her new husband and life?

Lessons with Mrs. Tavorski
Jimmy is presented with the classic high school decision: fail science or have sex with the teacher so she’ll pass him. It’s an easy decision because Mrs. Tavorski is incredibly beautiful and sexy. What Jimmy doesn’t expect is how easily he is dragged into a web of illicit sex, voyeurism, and Mrs. Tavorski finding girls willing to have sex with him.

Luke’s Milkmaids
In a quest for better health Luke has found himself addicted to Carrie’s breasts. Or, more specifically her breast milk, that she supplies to him in a complex arrangement. As he finds himself becoming more and more hooked on her breasts and her milk a new woman enters his life one that possibly couldn’t supply him in the way he has become accustomed to with Carrie. Or can she?

Margeaux Known As
“When my husband and I decided to take a walk on the wilder side of our sex life, I never expected for things to turn out the way they did. I was hoping for some incredible sex and was prepared for some jealousy. I never expected to fall in love. I never expected to have completely unexpected feelings for my new partners.”

Ménage á Milk
Jeremy is lucky enough to bed two wonderful women in college a situation only slightly complicated seeing as they were roommates. The trio worked well together in all aspects of their sex lives until the end of college approached and Isabella made a bold suggestion to keep the trio together based on the power of her breasts and milk.

Milk Addict
William is a depressed man who discovers something that can lift him out of his depression: mother’s milk. The trouble is finding a woman who is willing to let him consume her breast milk is exceedingly difficult. William will do almost anything to find a woman who is willing to feed his addiction.
The Milk Thief
After seventeen years Duncan runs into his old high school girlfriend. Her tits are bigger than ever and after starting an affair with this now married woman he discovers why: she and her husband are in an adult nursing relationship. Duncan decides he needs to share in the life-giving milk that now flows from Ophelia’s wonderful breasts. He is literally stealing milk from his married rival’s mouth.
Milking the O’Malleys
Ramona went through a lot of effort to get her breasts to lactate for her fiancé Mark. When he tells her he has to leave for a week she’s positive her breasts will swell painfully and she’ll lose her milk. All her hard work gone for nothing. Instead, she hatches a scheme to keep her milk flowing. But Ramona never could have imagined the influence her milk would have on the O’Malleys.

 Misanthrope – First Summer
A young girl from the Midwest is more than happy to sell herself into sexual slavery but she never expected to have a misanthrope for a master. She was hoping for a master who would lovingly abuse and make love to her, not one that would enjoy humiliating her and using her as nothing more than a piece of ass for his detached interest in sex. What can she do to become the object of his infatuation?

 Never Too Many Pregos
Everyone has a kink. Justine’s husband just happens to have an extra-special one. He likes watching her have sex with other men. But he likes to get her pregnant even more. In fact, he likes getting all sorts of women pregnant. Luckily Justine is just fine with this. As long as he knows that he needs to share his other women with her.

 Penny’s Secret Life
Robert isn’t looking for anything, but when he meets the overly aggressive Penny at a conference he’s happy enough to have a one-night stand. Then he discovers she’s married. And her husband knows about her infidelities. And her husband encourages her behavior. And then he discovers how perverted Penny can be.

The Red Collar
Analise willingly accepts a job as an assistant to a dominatrix. She quickly discovers that Mistress Kim runs a large and complex business catering to the whims of those in the BDSM community. What scares and shocks her is how easily it is to become part of that culture. Though she never considered herself a prude, what she witnesses and helps facilitate is something new entirely. The most surprising part of her education and new job is her conflict over whether to continue on as a dominatrix, or allow herself to descend into the frightening and erotic world of the slave.

The Troll’s Trollop
Princess Romina has had a difficult life growing up in the sheltered land of Pridania. She hasn’t found a man to satisfy her and the one worthy suitor—Dev, a minor prince from a forgettable country—isn’t all that satisfying in the bedroom. Her life is turned upside down—for the better—when her apparent maidenhood is abruptly wrested from her by a marauding troll. This sends her down a path of adventure and debauchery unlike any she could possibly imagined in her royal life. Eventually she will be forced to make a choice: staying with her life in the palace, or abandoning everything she knows for the debauchery of the non-human world.

True Cow Girl
Connie and Michael discover they enjoy the pleasure of an adult nursing relationship. Michael revels in the beauty and power of Connie’s breasts and she marvels at his admiration of her body. Their contentment is suddenly upset when Connie’s new friend Marie discovers their secret and wants to share in their strange fetish. How far is Connie willing to go to prove herself a true cow girl?

Twins at Once
Sabrina was never one to have a strong fantasy to fulfill. Then she gets picked up by Sam at a boring insurance conference. And then she discovers he has a twin. Much to her delight she finds the brothers are exactly what she needs in her sex life. The difficult part is figuring out where Sam’s twin’s wife fits into the picture.

A Virgin Sacrifice
Paul is sent on a working vacation into the northern Adirondacks to investigate a secretive organization that supposedly practiced human sacrifice. He leaves behind his fiancé who desperately wants to get pregnant and discovers the self-contained village is a throwback to the free love era from the 19th century. He is sorely tempted by the women around him, but will he fall into the open minded attitudes of the collective or will he remain faithful to his fiancé?

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