Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amazon can be awful picky...a year late

Recently Amazon's KDP site took five of my ebooks off sale because of questionable content and/or descriptions and/or covers. Very annoying since the oldest of these ebooks was first released on April 16, 2012; a year and a half ago.

Here's the breakdown:
A Virgin Sacrifice - first published 4/16/2012                 
Roman Charity - 5/19/2012
The Green Bush Publishing Collection Vol. 2. - 7/28/2012
Mother's Milk - 1/7/2013
Taking Gwendolyn - 1/25/2013

Mother's Milk has actually gone back up for sale (hurrah). A Virgin Sacrifice has been blocked (presumably due to content, but I haven't been told specifically what in the book is offensive) and presumably won't be back for sale on Amazon anytime in the future. The other three are still in review. All of these ebook are still for sale on and Barnes & Noble's websites.

I can't really complain all that much because Amazon can choose to sell or not sell any ebook they want. After a year, however, I think they should have been able to review at least the cover for books. Sheesh!

For fun, here's the comparison of the covers of Mother's Milk.

 I'm not sure what the exact problem is. Is it the milk dripping on the woman's face? Is it her open mouth and protruding tongue. Is it the implied presence of another woman's breast above her face? All of these together? But apparently a close up of another woman's cleavage is perfectly acceptable.

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