Friday, February 15, 2013

My Submissive Pair is up!

I want to make a dirty joke about the headline and title, but I'm too tired today. Anyway, my new novellette, My Submissive Pair, is ready for purchase on (best place on the 'net for independent authors).
Also available on  Amazon for your Kindle and shortly available at Barnes & Noble for your nook.

And don't forget, you can email me at Follow me on Twitter @GreenBushPub.

Gail has had an ongoing affair with Dean for too long. She likes having a submissive boyfriend, but she can’t stand that he keeps her hidden from his wife. When Gail forces the issue—“Tell her or I’ll leave you”—his wife turns out to be exactly the something extra Gail needed in her life. But what to tell Dean?

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