Thursday, July 24, 2014

My computer is BACK! and Aren't You Curious (Pt. 1) is up for sale!

A good friend helped me fix the fairly simple problem in my computer (I should have pulled the battery earlier) and so Green Bush Publishing is back in business. Help me celebrate by buying a copy of Aren't You Curious (Part 1) at Or you can also go to Amazon to buy it. Or even Barnes and Noble if you have a Nook.

Kiel is invited into a marriage that he never considered becoming part of…mostly because Esther was already married to Tim. When his friend practically begs Kiel to have sex with his wife as part of the chastity games the couple play, Kiel finds he can’t resist. This infinitely complicates his life and those of his friends…

This is an 11,000 word novella intended for adult audiences. Part one of two.

Content warning: This story features graphic sex, enforced male chastity, group sex, some BDSM themes, female dominance, male dominance and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

“I’ve got something special for you,” she hinted to him. “You’ll love it.”

“Maybe another night?”

“Is it Esther?” Bethany suddenly blurted. It sounded like an accusation to Kiel’s ears, but she was actually just teasing him.

“No! What? Why?”

Bethany snickered at him. “You didn’t see her giving you the eye all night?”

“No!” Kiel was in a near panic.

“I bet she wants to get in your pants.” Bethany couldn’t help herself. She liked seeing Kiel like this.

“She’s married!” Kiel protested. “I wouldn’t do that to Tim.”

“She wouldn’t be the first married slut in the world,” Bethany commented. “And he wouldn’t be the first cuckold. How about I follow you home and I take your mind off her?”

“My mind isn’t on her,” Kiel insisted. He could feel his face flushing red with embarrassment and was glad the darkness of the evening hid his shame.

“Liar. I’m going to follow you home anyway and I’ll give you what you need to relax you tonight.”

Kiel knew she was right and he just nodded in assent. Bethany didn’t need to follow him home. She knew the way to his place. When they got there, he was actually glad she went home with him. Having sex with a single girl was normal and he needed a dose of normal at the moment.

Normal wasn’t what Bethany had planned for him. The moment they walked in the door to his small house she was all over him, kissing and pawing and groping. Normally he would have loved such attention, but tonight was a different matter.

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