Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 - Trust

I started my NaNoWriMo for 2013. I'm going with the title of Trust. Hopefully I'll get it to about 50,000 and will break it out in several parts posting as I go along. The novel follows two couples and their kinky goings on. I've decided that each section will mostly follow one character of each couple so each section will be about 12,500 words which will almost make it in line with most of my other (usually) weekly stories.

Here's a link to  NaNoWriMo for those interested: NaNoWriMo 2013

I've got a mock up of a cover I'm probably not going to use along with a rough description. Enjoy!

Ginny and Sam have been married nearly fifteen years when she reconnects with an old boyfriend who is now married to another woman. Instead of opting for a traditional affair behind Sam's back Ginny decided that the two couples should become physically intimate. It is only through a great deal of trust can the quartet fully appreciate each others needs and kinks.

And--why not--here's a very short excerpt of what I have so far:
“So is it true that women hit a sexual peak at thirty?”
“More like a sexual plateau for me. I need sex now more than ever. What about you?”
“Umm...I think I’m the same since high school.”
She raised her eyebrows to the edge of her red hair. Sam hadn’t yet decided if she dyed it or not. “Really?”
“Yeah, five or six times a week is good for me,” he laughed.
“Sounds good to me,” she agreed. “But no changes? You’re not bored with Ginny or wanting to try something new?”
“This is new,” he offered.
“I’m going to show you some new things tonight,” she promised.
“I hope so,” he said playing along.
“They’ve left,” Chloe pointed out. Sam’s eyes snapped back to the booth where their spouses had been. It was empty and he started to get up to follow them. Chloe grabbed his hand and anchored him to their small table. “Give them a few minutes,” she stage whispered to him. It wasn’t necessary. The restaurant was busy enough to hide their conversation from the wait staff and other diners. Besides, their conversation had been largely innocuous. “I want to sneak in and watch them fucking,” she said at a much lower volume.
“You do?” He was surprised.
“Yeah. Don’t you like watching other people have sex?”
“I’ve never seen it in person,” he admitted.
She asked, “Just in porn?”
“In person is better.”

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