Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Boy Sub

Good boy, Good Boy Sub

Ever have one of those days where, if you’re a guy, you just want to be pegged in the ass by your female partner…and if you’re a woman, you want to peg your man as hard as you can? This story isn’t about that exactly, but some men are secretly submissive and want to show that side of themselves only to a secret partner. What happens when that partner starts to violate that bit of trust?

Tom knows what he wants in a lover but is ashamed to admit it. His girlfriend left him because he wanted some bondage play. Finding Naomi as a dom looking for a sub was a perfect solution. With her it was a game, not a relationship. After asking Naomi to push him to his limits he quickly realizes that what he thought he wanted is completely different from the reality. But Naomi won’t stop…and Tom can’t bring himself to ask her to stop.


This is a 15,000 word novella intended for adult audiences.


Content warning: This story features graphic sex, group sex, sex of dubious consent,  BDSM, female on male pegging, and other depictions of adult sexuality that some readers might find objectionable. Explicit language and adult only content.




It wasn’t wrong or painful, but new and different. “Oh, very, very good. Does that feel nice?”


“It’s…odd,” he admitted.


“Any pain?”




“Good, let’s move on.” Naomi reached between his legs. He flinched at her initial touch, but her hand was warm and covered with the slick lubricant. It didn’t take her long to get him fully erect. She didn’t stop there; she kept going, pushing him toward orgasm. The position was difficult to hold and the way she handled him was strange, the angle didn’t work for him, it was as if he were being used for her pleasure and amusement…


And then it occurred to him that was exactly what she was doing and it was what he had told her he wanted. He thought that being her submissive was supposed to be all about pleasuring her, but here she was getting him off first thing. Tom didn’t understand. “We’re not going to do anything else until you’re ready, okay Tom? Just let your body go, let it happen. With that plug in you it’ll be amazing.” She continued on, softly talking to him until his body started shaking and he starting cumming before he realized what was happening.


Naomi was skilled this game. She caught each spurt from him as it burst out. Because of his unusual position Tom was forced to see each spurt. It was fascinating and unsettling. She was right, of course, the orgasm was powerful. Each time his body jerked he felt the plug pressing up tight against his prostate forcing another glob of semen from his body.


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