Friday, May 17, 2013

Costume Drama Number One

This one should have started off as a "True Fact About Elliot Silvestri". Elliot Silvestri likes comic books. Elliot Silvestri has terrible fantasies about female super heroes. Elliot Silvestri likes to talk about himself in the third person. Elliot Silvestri wrote a piece of erotica that involves a young woman who is enticed to dress up like Wonder Woman...and experiences Wonder Woman's weaknessess as well.

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Sandra had a thing for slightly nerdy guys. When she sets her sights on Dalton, the new guy at work, she’s more than happy to play along when he wants her to dress up as his favorite super heroine. What Sandra doesn’t realize is how far Dalton wants to push the game they’re playing…and she wants to see how far she’s willing to let herself be used…


This is a 13,500 word novella intended for adult audiences.


Content warning: This story features graphic sex, BDSM themes, group sex, sex of dubious consent, mind control sex games, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.





That night Dalton presented her with a gift wrapped box. “Technically our one month mark is tomorrow, but I thought you might want it to wear for our date.” He looked shyly at the floor. He still couldn’t make eye contact with her on a regular basis.


“Should I open it now?”


“Yes. It would be nice if you…well…”


She didn’t bother to let him finish. She tore off the wrapping paper and expected to find a Victoria’s Secret box underneath. Instead she found a plain brown box. She raised her eyes at him, but Dalton was still looking at the ground. His face was slightly red, embarrassed at what he was giving her. Did the box contain some weird sex toy? Now she was nervous to open it.


There was nothing to do but plow forward. What was inside wasn’t—much to her relief—paddles or whips or something worse, but some clothing. When she pulled the garment out of the box, she started to understand.


“You look a lot like Diana Prince,” Dalton said. “At least, you have her hair and body.”

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