Friday, April 12, 2013

FREEDOM!!! (And Wolf's Garter)

I got rid of my cell phone today. Makes me very happy because I don't have to lug around a piece of glass, plastic, and metal with me everywhere. Haven't missed it a bit.

And in other news, Grace Vilmont has a new novelette for sale. Toddle on over to and download a copy of Wolf's Garter.

You can also get it at Amazon and

Harry is a lost soul looking for a purpose in his meaningless life. He thinks he might have found it between the thighs of the exotic Ilva he meets in a downtown club. She’s an older woman into kinky sex and happily takes control of his life. When he realizes Ilva is much more than she seems—and is much more dangerous—he starts to panic and wonder how he’ll escape the peculiar situation he created.
This is an 8700 word novella intended for adult audiences.
Content warning: This story features graphic sex, sex with a non-human character, sex of dubious consent, implied pregnant sex, BDSM, and other depictions of adult sexuality that some readers might find objectionable. Explicit language and adult only content.
“You don’t want me naked?” she asked, teasing.
He didn’t realize she was teasing. “I don’t…know what to do,” he confessed. There was no way he could figure out her bustier and it seemed rude to yank off her tight pants first.
She laughed at him. “You’re a virgin?” she asked. There was a lilt to her voice, as if she had an accent that only came out when she was tired or relaxed or drunk.
“No,” he snapped. “I’m just…inexperienced. I’ve only had a couple of girlfriends.”
“I’ll give you something to talk about then, yes?” She bent down, unzipped her knee-high boots and kicked them off. He noticed the yellow lace stitching around the soles and wondered which kink shop she bought the Doc Martens from. Then she turned around and indicated her back. “Untie the laces,” she ordered. This was obviously something she had done before with other lovers. Harry didn’t mind.
The ties to the bustier were easy to figure out once he studied them a moment. The stiff garment loosened around her body and she pulled it up and over her shoulders and head. Then she turned around to present him with her bare breasts.
They were beautiful.

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