Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Labiaplasty...NO. Please no.

I forget which porn star brought this particular surgery into the public eye, but no. Just no. Never needed (possible exception for women with some major anatomical problems). It's been said a hundred thousand times before but I'll repeat it yet again: Women, you are beautiful the way you are. Trying to be normal only makes you the oddity. The surgery is called "The Barbie". What woman in her right mind wants to look like a sexless child's toy?

There's a tangent here I don't choose to follow--the practice of some people who give Barbie and Ken back their genitals as part of their toy hobby--which shows the world how strange our sex lives have become.

Hell, I like to write about adults breastfeeding from women who have been induced to lactate. That's positively sane and bland compared to getting your naughty bits hacked off.

Here's the link to the article that set me off. Jezebel.com usually has lots of interesting articles like this.

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