Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Standards and Practices

There are no hard and fast rules about what Smashwords and Amazon (or Barnes & Noble for that matter) allow. Incest and pedophilia are pretty much out (along with anything that advocates racism), but to get an acutal list of rules as to what’s allowable for a cover image is vague. Smashwords has a line akin to “no nipples, butt cracks, or pubic hair”. So...the first version of Centaur’s Wife I used was fine with Amazon but not okay with Smashwords because it had “too many JPEG artifacts.” Since I know almost nothing about image manipulation, I choose to create a new cover image.
Image One:
This image is okay with Amazon even with the horse cock showing.
Image two was also no go with Smashwords because of the “nipples, butt cracks, or pubic hair“ issue. But I don’t see any of that on display.
Image two:
So now we’re at image three:
This passes muster.
Anyway, the important stuff here is that you buy a copy, any version, of Centaur’s Wife.

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