Friday, May 22, 2015

Grace Vilmont's A Lady's Slave Part One

Grace Vilmont’s A Lady’s Slave Part One is up for sale at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Those who are hip know to get it at Smashwords FOR FREE with coupon code DX96C.
At the turn of the century Lady Jane Templeton is bored with her aristocratic life and is looking for adventures with her perverted cousin Raymond. He suggests visiting the manor house of Duke Blancbatton where indentured servants are made to serve as pleasure slaves for the aristocratic elite. Jane takes this suggestion, but not as a visiting aristo. With Raymond’s help she disguises herself as a slave and happily subjects herself to every humiliation the house guests send her way…
This is a 10,000 word novella intended for adult audiences. Part one of five.
Content warning: This story features graphic sex, BDSM, cheating spouses, gay sex, lesbian sex, bondage and discipline, group sex, female dominance, female submission, sexual slavery, and other explicit depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.
“Are you healing well?”
“As well as can be expected,” she reported. “I feel a twinge every now and then, but otherwise it’s fine.” She lowered her voice. “Every step I take gives me a little thrill I didn’t know was possible.”
Raymond’s eyes sparkled at that admission. “This might be the perfect adventure for you,” he said. “But before we enter the next phase, I’d like you to see what I have in the garage.”
Jane rolled her eyes. “I’m not interested in seeing your newest auto. Honestly, boys and their toys.”
A dimple appeared on his cheek as he resisted grinning too widely. “Oh, it’s a new toy, to be sure, but it’s not a new auto.”
Knowing he was planning something wicked, Jane accompanied Raymond on the short walk to the garage. She was partly distracted by the little stimulation between her legs, every other step was a little thrill of excitement, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the present that Raymond had waiting for her.
The main lift wasn’t holding a car’s chassis; it was suspending a young man. He stood up straight with just the balls of his feet on the wooden floor. His arms were chained together and raised above his head. Naturally, because he was placed there by Raymond, he was naked. And beautiful. Raymond would never have a plaything that wasn’t beautiful.
“This is Theodore,” Raymond announced, walking over to his toy and stroking his fingers down the boy’s face. “He’s the scion of an up and coming family that is making a fortune in foreign trade. They don’t have titles yet but he offers other more physical necessities.” Raymond’s hand traveled down to the young man’s body.
“I’m curious,” Jane interrupted their warm moment. “How is it a strapping young man such as yourself finds himself naked and bound in my family’s garage.”
Raymond laughed. “Tell him, Teddy.”
The boy blushed and said softly, “Raymond asked me to.”
Raymond laughed again. “He’ll do almost anything I ask.”
“Is that true, Theodore?” Jane asked.
“Call him Teddy,” Raymond purred.
Jane shifted her glance to him and rephrased her question. “Fine, Raymie. Is it true that you will do anything Raymie asks?”
The boy looked at his feet. “I suppose.”
“Are you two lovers?” Jane liked asking the bold question as the naked man hung from the chains.
Theodore blushed bright red and said, “I suppose we are. You won’t tell anyone, will you?”
“Did you like it?” she asked.
“I…I suppose.”

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