Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lost a day of writing...

...to do my taxes. The good news is I'm getting a refund. The bad news is I might have to publish a greatest hits collection after I finish putting out Slave Auction.

Speaking of which, you can now get Slave Auction Part III at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy it with a loved one who is hopefully tied up and anxious to listen to you as you read my latest ebook to them.

As Ellissa settles into her routine of being trained for sale as a consensual sex slave, she starts to worry that she is enjoying her training a little too much. Being bound and spanked and flogged is pleasant enough, but even better is when Kim the dominatrix puts the paddle in Ellissa’s hand and she learns to mete out discipline. Ellissa quickly discovers she is just as much a sadist as she is a masochist, a realization that will only increase her price on the auction block…

This is a 13,000 word novella intended for adult audiences. Part three of four.

Content warning: features graphic sex, BDSM, consensual slavery, spanking, bondage, group sex, lesbian sex, anal sex, strong language, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.

“Go ahead,” Reid told her. “Do what Kim said. Turn her skin pink all over.”

When she looked down, Ellissa saw her hands were shaking, causing the cat’s falls to shake like a cheerleader’s pom-pom. She knew what was expected of her but she still needed Reid to push her forward to Leah’s immobile body. In the distance Ellissa saw a man with his hand on Justine’s leg. There was a strained look on the slave’s face as she was inspected.

“Do it,” Reid whispered in her ear. “You don’t want to suffer the punishment if you fail to perform, do you?”

Ellissa slowly shook her head and raised the cat. Leah’s body was still adorned with the chains other ornaments. She remembered how much Leah professed to love being abused…and she remembered how it felt when she was wielding the cat before. Her lust rose at the memory. Without realizing it the soft slap of the falls reached her ears as Leah shied away just a bit from the blow. As the falls slipped away there was just a hint of pink to her skin. It would take a lot more effort to turn Leah’s skin that beautiful pink Kim was looking for.

Ellissa was willing to put in the work.

The crowd split into two groups, some members moving back and forth between the groups, but most immediately settling on their preferred entertainment. Ellissa was given free rein to move around Leah’s body and the crowd talked amongst themselves as Ellissa worked. She heard their adoring words and couldn’t help but smile.

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