Monday, November 24, 2014

Fuck Black Friday - Free Books!

Spend some time at home with your loved ones or loved one or that special someone you like fucking or maybe just yourself and some erotica with the special Black Friday sale from Green Bush Publishing.

You have three options: cheap, free, or weird.

Cheap: Get The Elliot Silvestri Erotic Reader Volume 2 for 50% off until December 1, 2014. Use coupon code HC72M at That’s just $4.00 instead of the cover price of $7.99. What a deal! The Elliot Silvestri Erotic Reader Volume 2 has everything Elliot wrote in 2013 and features his full-length novel Rosemilk.
Free: Get the entire short novel An Adorable Slave for FREE with coupon code CZ78M at List price for the novel is $2.99, but Green Bush Publishing followers get it free until December 1, 2014.
Weird: Use coupon code FP89L and get a copy of Grace Vilmont’s Weirder Sex for 67% off. Normal cost is $2.99 so your cost is $0.99. As always, this price is only good at and this coupon expires on December 1, 2014.

The Elliot Silvestri Erotic Reader Volume 2

This is a collection of Elliot Silvestri’s currently published works from 2013. Green Bush Publishing is proud to offer this collection twenty nine stories, novellas, and novels for the discerning reader of contemporary erotica.
Total length is 423,000 words. These works are intended for adult audiences.
Content warning: These stories feature a wide variety of human sexuality including graphic sex, oral sex, anal sex, lesbian sex, masturbation, bondage and discipline, erotic lactation, sex with non-human sentients, voyeurism, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

Breeding on the Farm
Bringing in Casey’s Cream
The Cheating Secret
Costume Drama Number One – Kinky Nerds
Costume Drama Number Two – Kinky Nerds
Dollar Milk Maid
Emergent Milk
Good Boy Sub
Kassie’s Service
Lactation for Two
The Let Down Reflex
The Milk Bar
Milk for Sale
Milke & Cookie
My Submissive Pair
Odette Odalisque
Pain Makes You Beautiful
The Prince’s Whores
Selling Myself
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Straining for the Sky
Sweet Susan
Swinging Ring
Taking Gwendolyn
The Tamed Bull
Too Intimate Sibs
Victor’s Chastity
Without Your Wife
An Adorable Slave                   

Maura meets Preston at a business conference and quickly insinuates herself into the relationship he has with a consensual slave. At first Preston is pleased at how his new lover takes to the dominant lifestyle, but then he sees his slave is being taken away from him and yet he doesn’t seem to care…

This is a 40,000 word novella intended for adult audiences. Originally published in four parts.

Content warning: features strong erotic relationships, consensual slavery, spanking fetish, graphic sex, group sex, lesbian sex, BDSM sexuality, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.

“Like I said, we have a complicated relationship.”

“I’ve never been involved in a three-way before,” she said, half changing the subject, “but I always imagined it being with two men, not a man and a woman.”

He shrugged. “If you want I can have her go out and pick up a man for us.”

The ridiculousness of the statement made Maura sink back down to the bed and laugh her head off. When she had recovered enough to speak she said, “You can just snap your fingers like that and she’ll go out and pick up a man for me.”

“Beth is very resourceful.”

“I’d like to see that,” Maura declared.

“Good,” he said and held out his hand to her. “Why don’t you come back to bed and show me how resourceful you are?”

Grace Vilmont’s Weirder Sex

This is a compilation of four of Grace Vilmont’s previously published works: The Second Type, Wolf’s Garter, Uhluhtc’s Sacrifice, and Alien Breeder Girl.
Total length is 45,000 words. These works are intended for adult audiences.
Content warning: these stores feature humans having sex with nonhumans including aliens, demons, and sea monsters; human sex with tentacles, impregnation fetish, graphic sex, lesbian sex, group sex, BDSM themes, and other extreme examples of human sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.

The Second Type:
When Arin is wounded in the line of duty in the Space Explorer Corps, she doesn’t expect her libido to be kicked into overdrive as a result. Nor does she expect to be the host for a new life form that needs her womb to breed. How will she survive and will she do whatever is necessary to see to the birth of her new children?
This is a 10,000 word novella.

Wolf’s Garter:
Harry is a lost soul looking for a purpose in his meaningless life. He thinks he might have found it between the thighs of the exotic Ilva he meets in a downtown club. She’s an older woman into kinky sex and happily takes control of his life. When he realizes Ilva is much more than she seems—and is much more dangerous—he starts to panic and wonder how he’ll escape the peculiar situation he created.
This is an 8700 word novella.
Uhluhtc’s Sacrifice:
Shortly after her eighteenth birthday Cassie ran away from how where her evangelical mother controlled her life. Running to her grandmother was an excellent idea because Cassie knew Grandma Brenda was involved with a strange cult. When the cult turns out to worship a strange tentacled creature Cassie finds herself the subject of unearthly sexual passion.
This is a 16,000 word novella.
Alien Breeder Girl:
Ilona is a shy, quiet woman living a simple life in the big city. She doesn’t think anything of taking home the nice young man she met at the library for some illicit sex. What she doesn’t expect is to get pregnant from her first time with her new lover. What’s worse is it quickly becomes apparent he’s not human and what he’s done to her body is too terrible to contemplate. But, strangely, she finds she can’t resist his alien charms. 
This is a 10,000 word novella.

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