Saturday, September 20, 2014

Celebrate National Banned Books Week with a free eBook from Green Bush Publishing

I haven't been banned from any libraries (that I know of) nor have I been banned by any local or national government (that I know of), but some of my books have been "declined for sale" by Amazon and Apple (which, let's face it, is the same as being banned). So, in celebration of National Banned Books Week, the last week of September, you can get any of my ebooks banned by either Amazon or Apple and you can get 'em for free though Just use the listing below, enter the coupon code, and you'll be all set. Codes are only good through the end of September. Hurry!

And if you do use one of these coupon codes drop me a line at


Title                                    Coupon code
An Adorable Slave             CZ78M
Roman Charity                    AZ62Y
Taking Gwendolyn              LS74U
A Virgin Sacrifice               JM58R
The Troll’s Trollop             KB58A
And Giselle’s Mother         LE46C
The Prince’s Whores          EW66Z
My Submissive Pair           DU37L
Dollar Milk Maid               RM57F

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