Monday, December 9, 2013

Up for sale from Grace Vilmont - The Minotaur Breeders

Grace Vilmont is at it again. Kinky inter-species sex and breeding...but isn't that what Greek myth is really all about, humans and gods having sex with animals and monsters?

Hope you like your erotica extra kinky with a side of weirdness because The Minotaur Breeders is up for sale at Smashwords, Amazon, and

Tanja is a captured warrior humiliated for the amusement of the crown prince and his sadistic consort. She refuses to give in to her captors and sees the only way for her escape is to form an intimate bond with another of the crown prince’s captives—a wild, untamed minotaur who has also captured the eye of the crown prince’s consort.

This is a 13,000 word novella intended for adult audiences.

Content warning: features human sex with minotaurs, impregnation, graphic sex, lesbian sex, sex between different fantasy monsters, BDSM, and other depictions of adult sexuality. Strong language and adult only content.


She looked away from him, trying to ignore him. The prince walked over and toed her lightly in the ribs. When she moved away her small breasts swayed pleasantly to his eye.

He tilted his head to the side and inspected her once again. “You could have been a beauty if not for those ugly scars. And the broken nose. Of course the tattoos don’t help. And the nose ring.” He giggled because he realized all of those marks on her body were because of him. He had directly ordered the ring and the tattoos. The nose and scars were undoubtedly because she was fighting against the armies that he had commanded.

Tanja looked around. The consort was missing. The minotaur was missing. Her mind began to race with the possibilities. “Where is your lover?”

“Oh, she’s not needed for this. It might amuse her, but she has other important matter to attend.” He unbuttoned his gray breeches. If she had been a common whore or a girl that had caught his fancy, he would have forced himself upon her, but he couldn’t risk that with Tanja. Undoubtedly she’d try something incredibly foolish. He wanted to change her mind about him. That was more difficult than one would imagine. She was too resigned to what was about to happen.

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