Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Never announced part two of Breeding on the Farm

Short post. Little time today and for the next month due to responsibilities at my other job. Part Two of Breeding on the Farm is up for sale at Smashwords, Amazon, and BN.com. In the next few weeks you'll see a few less original works because I'm putting in too many hours at my day job, which sucks. Expect a couple of collections to be posted (discount rate of course). Sorry about that. Sometimes reality intrudes into the much better fantasy world.

Yeah, I just flipped the photo from Part One. I told you I'm short of time right now.

Also, Orson Scott Card is a dick. Here's a link to the Atlantic Wire showing he's a dick. Ender's Game was okay, doesn't deserve the small fandom it has, and I'm not going to pay money to watch that gay-bashing motherfucker's movie. (Yeah, I know it's not his movie, but it is his IP, so close enough for me.).

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